Managed cloud service providers

Making the Most of Cloud Computing: Managed Cloud Service Providers

If you are a small business, a startup, or even an SME, chances are that you have given cloud computing some thought. If you are one of those businesses that believe in staying ahead of the game, you might already be hosting on cloud instead of using a physical datacenter.

Businesses around the world are now realizing the importance of cloud computing and the ease and agility it provides to any growing business. The question however lies, what form of cloud will suit your business. You have public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid clouds (that’s a combination of the former two) and you have managed cloud service providers to help manage the complex cloud structure and help you with matters of scalability, performance, compliance and more.

Choosing between public and private cloud – Take the call

While most businesses feel comfortable using  public cloud, businesses operating in the domains of finance and healthcare often prefer private cloud given the sensitive data that they handle. It sometimes make sense for them to use hybrid cloud computing services. This allows them to use both private and public clouds based on their requirements. However, shifting workloads between two clouds and hosting applications on one while you store sensitive data on the other is not an easy task. This is where, you can use assistance from managed cloud service provider, as they are adept in handling migration, hosting, and providing support services which are a must for any company hosting on a third-party cloud.

For businesses who are already making it big in the market and would continue to maintain their position while beating competition, cloud computing provides a great way of focusing on software rather than hardware, and bringing in the benefits of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS that furthers adds agility and speed to their processes. For smaller businesses, it makes a lot of sense to start off with cloud in the first place, as they are looking at huge growth, scalability, economies of scale, and reducing their Capex and go for a “Pay-as-you-Use” model that cloud computing totally supports.

Managed cloud service providers

Why you should go for Managed Cloud Service Providers?

Managed cloud service providers are yet another answer as to how to use cloud optimally. They help you manage:

  • cloud security
  • storage
  • computing
  • application stacks
  • network operations
  • vendors and more.

In return, you pay a monthly fee to access their storage and support services. Some managed cloud service providers even have their own in-house team who can help build products and apps that are customized for your business. You pay for the app development and hosting on cloud, that basically turns out to be one time Capex for app development and monthly fee for hosting services.

G7 CR Technologies offers a unique service known as “Technology Funding” whereby, they invest their own knowhow and expertise into developing a unique and customized app for your requirement. The app development itself, is at zero cost, which means Zero Capex. All you need to pay is a minimal fee for hosting the app on cloud. G7 CR Technologies is focusing on small and medium enterprises and startups to help enable and empower them on their growth path.

In short, cloud service providers help you ensure you are making the most of your cloud investment by providing you with 4 most important cloud computing factors: Performance, Scalability, Security,and Compliance.

  • Frustrated with maintaining your datacenter?
  • Escalating cost of hardware and maintenance?
  • Difficult transitions and migrations of products built on different platforms?
  • Not able to access agile functions?

If you are facing any one or all of the above problems, then the time has come to look to Cloud Computing. G7 CR Technologies offers cost, resource, and workload optimization by providing managed cloud services at affordable prices, along with premier support, and its newest service in the cloud realm “Technology Funding” , whereby we build you a custom app for your business at ZERO COST. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud services and our Technology Funding program.

Call us at: (+91) 90080666666 for Technology Funding

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Best cloud Service Providers in India - G7 CR Technologies

7 Points to Consider While Choosing the Best Cloud Service Provider for your Business

With multiple public cloud services providers competing in the space, choosing the best cloud service provider for your business is indeed a tough call.

Before moving on to the criteria on the basis of which the CSPs should be chosen, let us look at the key cloud service providers, in today’s market: they are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Although there are many other players in the market, as well, but these three are currently ruling the CSP market.

Choosing the best cloud service provider for your business


Cost plays an important role when deciding migration as this is more of a revenue expenditure than a capital one.  There is no fixed method of comparing prices of different cloud service providers but, the total costing based on the usage can be compared. MS Azure, AWS, and GCP, provide their costing structure based on usage. So, once you get an idea of your usage pattern, then it will easier for you to work out the approximate amount for each CSP you are evaluating.


While selecting a CSP, the architecture should be known. The incorporation of the architecture into the system is important. Each organization has a certain architecture that it works on. When they migrate from in-house data-centres to a public cloud system, it is important to match the architecture as closely possible to ensure the data is not disturbed and the systems keep working smoothly post migration. This is one of the reasons which is fuelling the rapid growth of MS Azure in the cloud computing scenario. As most business are used to using MS applications throughout their organizations and process levels, it makes sense to them to migrate to MS Azure and make it a through-and-through Microsoft-supported technology system.

Best cloud Service Providers in India - G7 CR Technologies


Securing the applications and data hosted on the public cloud network is important. Take a detailed note of the security features of the cloud service provider. Be sure Make sure there is a back-up to protect the data should there be any emergency.

Security being the top concern,  it is critical to evaluate the security features of the CSP.


Try to choose a CSP who meets both the industry compliance standards and the compliance standards of your business, as well. Check for compliance standards such as the PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, DSS or whichever other compliance standard is followed by your organization, to meet the regulation standards of the industry you are operating in. Make it a point to understand the compliance standards that are required when the applications and data are hosted on a public cloud.

Best cloud Service Providers in India - G7 CR Technologies


This parameter needs to be evaluated carefully. The support provided by your Cloud Service Provider is important. Some premium CSP partners like Azure partners ensure premier cloud service and support to all clients. Having premier support access always helps as it ensures quick troubleshooting and also 360 degree support access through calls, emails, and chat support.


Determining what the CSP expects to manage and what will be the level of the manageability from their end is important. Different providers support different tools to work with different other services. It is important to state your requirement to the tee and also have the Cloud Service Provider assess if they can extend the kind of support you are looking for.

Service Levels

This factor is critical when the business have strict requirements like response, availability-time, support services, capacity and scalability. Ensure going through and signing a Service Level Agreement(SLA) with your cloud service provider to ensure timely and professional assistance from them, as and when needed.

Now that you have a quick checklist of the points to consider while choosing a CSP for your business, you are good to go. If you are wondering where to start looking for the best cloud service provider for your business, we would like to invite you visit our website and learn more about our cloud computing services.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 company and are official Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack Partners in India. Focussed towards providing end-to-end cloud and technology services to startups and SMEs, alike, we hope to empower small businesses in India and abroad, to achieve technological prowess.


Technology Funding – Business Apps for SMEs

Custom business apps are the need of the hour. We are currently dwelling in a world that is seeing a surge in the number of startups and SMEs. More and more businesses are coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to address service gaps that we find around us. These SMEs have visions and opportunities but often they don’t have the right technology in hand to make most of these opportunities.

Each business has a different technology requirement based on its service offering. When businesses use customized technology to fit their business need, they develop a unique competitive advantage. This helps them beat competition and boost growth, exponentially.

However, the cost of developing custom solutions for business entails high cost and heavy investment. You could want a custom app to track your orders or payments, or you might benefit a lot from a customized CRM solution, but the cost of building these custom apps is too high. G7 CR Technologies fills in this gap between technology requirements and high costs of building it through its Technology Funding initiative.

Custom Business Apps for SMEs

Through this program, G7 CR invests its resources into building custom apps for small businesses and SMEs, which fit their business requirement to a T. SMEs and small businesses benefit from this program as they do not have to invest in building custom business apps for their venture but at the same time they have exclusive access to the apps that G7 CR builds for them. All custom apps are developed and hosted on Microsoft Azure (Cloud Computing Platform). Businesses only have to pay a minimal sum for hosting.

business apps for small business - G7 CR Technologies

Advantages of Technology Funding through G7 CR

G7 CR created the Technology Funding program thinking of certain benefits that it wants to pass on to its clients.

Customized business apps

The biggest benefit of the initiative is access to custom business apps which are tailor-made for your business, at no extra cost. We use our skills and expertise to create an app that will fit your business requirements and process gaps and automate your business processes. We help you streamline your business processes thereby increasing your efficiency and capability to grow your business. Why pay heavy sums for developing or subscribing to apps which are developed for a wide-variety of industries and users, with zero-customization features? You have a requirement to automate your business in the way that suits it the best. Don’t bend your requirements according to the software, let the software bend according to your requirements.

Complete security and scalability

Every growing business has a need to scale, as and when they grow. While mature and established business have their own in-house solutions and data centers that they have built on for years, small business do not have access or resources to wield the same kind of technological power. However, this should not stop SMEs and small businesses from growing into their full potential. By hosting their solutions and software on Cloud from the very beginning, they can create an environment of security and scalability in their business processes.

With our technology funding program our main focus is to empower small businesses to grow and expand. If you are a small business who can benefit from customized business apps for your venture, contact us today to find out more about our technology funding program at or visit our website to find out more about our offerings.

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