Accelerate Your Modernization Journey with G7 CR’s Azure Plus Program

Accelerate Your Modernization Journey with G7 CR’s Azure Plus Program

Azure Plus Program

In the current business landscape, IT Business Leaders find themselves struggling with fierce competition and IT cost optimization while handling digital transformation and technology modernization. Consequently, they’re actively prioritizing infrastructure & app modernization to streamline critical business operations, improve capabilities, optimize cost, and achieve scalability while fortifying security measures. In response to these swift technology transformations, trusted MSPs like G7 CR – A Noventiq Company, offer a comprehensive suite of managed services. These services enable businesses to tap into proficient resources and capitalize on advanced technology solutions furnished by leading technology hyper scalers like Microsoft.

Being India’s leading cloud-managed service partner of Microsoft, G7 CR is dedicated to transforming businesses through cloud modernization initiatives like Azure Plus Program. G7 CR has successfully delivered 125+ modernization projects, 1,000+ cloud advisory services, 400+ architectural reviews, and 580+ implementations. Our success narratives reflect the trust that our customers carry while we help them achieve the desired outcome.

G7 CR’s unique value lies in fulfilling its commitment to its client’s success. Unlike other service providers, G7 CR offers a suite of cloud-managed services through Azure Plus Program for maximizing ROI and enhancing efficiency. Here’s a glimpse of the benefits offered by G7 CR through the Azure Plus Program:

Access to Azure Expertise:

G7 CR understands that each business is unique and comes with its challenges and opportunities. That’s why we help you with tailored cloud consulting and advisory services through our years of Azure expertise. The Azure Plus Program offers access to Industry & solution-specific workshops, assessments, design architectures, proof of concept (POCs), and solutions assistance to ensure that your cloud strategy aligns perfectly with your goals.

Seamless Implementation and Migration:

Managing and optimizing workloads can be challenging, but G7 CR makes it a smooth & hassle-free process. G7 CR’s experienced cloud professionals advise, consult, and guide through the complete deployment journey, ensuring a smooth transition to Microsoft Azure. This team’s expertise reduces downtime, mitigates risks, and guarantees a successful cloud adoption journey.

24/7 Managed Services:

The cloud doesn’t rest, and neither does G7 CR’s support. With their round-the-clock cloud support desk, you have a dedicated partner for all your cloud operational requirements. Whether it’s cost optimization, disaster recovery drills, security assessments, or patch updates, G7 CR has it all covered for you.

Skilling & Business Enablement Services:

With the growing number of new businesses, staying safe on the compliance metrics is important and hence G7 CR offers non-tech consulting services like industry-standard audits and certifications like ISO, and ITSM. Also, skilling and training initiatives are included as business enablement offerings to empower your organization to thrive in the modern digital era.


G7 CR is more than a cloud service provider; it’s the most trusted cloud delivery partner in India. By offering an array of tech services, G7 CR demonstrates its commitment to your success and growth. With access to its expert solution architects, seamless implementations, managed support services, and business enablement offerings, G7 CR plays an integral role as a managed solution partner in cloud modernization strategy.

In this data & AI-driven world where agility and innovation are vital to staying abreast, G7 CR opens the door for businesses to leverage cloud technology to its fullest to scale faster. As a leading cloud MSP, G7 CR’s expertise lies in its commitment, and innovative spirit to drive better and faster results by enabling digital transformation.

And thus, The Azure Plus Program is launched to modernize your workloads and applications on Azure. Kickstart your modernization journey today with Azure Plus Program at no additional cost:  Azure Plus Program – Azure Plus Program (

Note – Only for Azure Customers (Program valid till December 31, 2023)

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