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TADAM is a cloud based platform for Development and Testing software products. These virtual machine environments can be used for anything (Development, Testing, Demos, Production) and accessed from anywhere. It helps you to reduce your initial system setup cost in terms of hardware and software.


Our offshore development (ODC) model allows you to achieve your goals at a fraction of market cost and still obtain the expertise and quality needed to setup a highly effective system that addresses your needs without any compromise.By using our fully established infrastructure and resources, you can bring products and services to market faster and more efficiently.

Kick off Dev/Test Environment in Minutes

IT is ready when Project is ready

  • Highly Scalable
  • Fast provisioning of machines – In minutes
  • Always available – 99.9 % uptime SLA
  • End-user access from RDP and webRDP (Access to the machine from any latest Browser)

Extend your Governance policy across distributed teams

  • AD Integration
  • Domain Join
  • Access control
  • Machine Hardening
  • IP based internet access

Access to Global Image Repository

  • Repository of open source Artifacts
  • Ready to use image template
  • Integration with Azure Marketplace for OS licenses
  • Create and upload your own custom image

Stay in charge: Monitor and Optimize IT spend

  • Cap maximum machine usage hours
  • Built-in intelligence for auto shut
  • Set no access on off days
  • Per minute billing

Improve IT flexibility

  • Focus IT efforts on strategic initiatives Push updates
  • Focus IT efforts on strategic initiatives Push updates
  • Easy onboarding/offboarding of users
  • Update and manage white listed IPs

Manage cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps