Reimagine your future in the cloud and G7 CR will bring it to life!

Reimagine your future in the cloud and G7 CR will bring it to life!

Azure Plus Program

CXOs are keenly awaiting a future powered by next-gen cloud technologies that exceed conventional boundaries, delivering an array of transformative advantages. At the forefront of their expectations lies the promise of unparalleled agility, enabling organizations to swiftly pivot, innovate, and seize new opportunities. They foresee cloud technology as a gateway to enhanced scalability, granting the ability to effortlessly adjust resources in tandem with evolving demands. A recent survey reveals that over 90% of CXOs believe that cloud computing will be crucial for their organizations in achieving their goals, with enhanced agility, cost savings, and scalability touted as the key drivers of this transformation. 79% consider the cloud as a key driver of revenue growth, and 87% believe it will within the next ten years.  33% of CXOs from across the globe stated to use edge computing for most of their cloud operations, and 55% indicated they anticipate doing so by 2029.

Undoubtedly, cloud computing will retain its position as a cornerstone of strategic business initiatives, facilitating essential connectivity and adaptability in alignment with evolving benchmarks. Cloud computing’s anticipated growth will impact how it performs on a global scale and artificial intelligence will play an essential role in determining how revolutionary it could be. As organizations look to harness the power of the cloud, partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like G7 CR – A Noventiq Company becomes a strategic move.  Let’s dive into some of the latest cloud computing trends and how G7 CR is poised to play a vital role in navigating through the complexities of cloud modernization, ensuring seamless transitions, optimized operations, and the realization of the cloud-powered tomorrow.

Advanced Security: 

As organizations take a plunge into the cloud, the security risks also increase, and they become more prone to security-related threats and fraud. A study revealed that 45% of organizations dealing with cloud security incidents encountered a minimum of four attacks. While the cloud is generally more secure than traditional systems, attacks often exploit security vulnerabilities introduced when customizing cloud tools for specific needs. Managed Service Providers like G7 CR- A Noventiq Company, play a pivotal role in enhancing security by reducing fraud incidents by 95%. G7 CR ensures proactive threat monitoring, rapid incident response, seamless compliance, and a robust cloud security framework.

Edge Computing: 

Edge computing has emerged as a game-changer across diverse industries, revolutionizing the way data is processed and insights are derived. In manufacturing, it enables real-time analysis of machinery data, paving the way for predictive maintenance and heightened operational efficiency. The retail sector benefits from personalized customer experience through on-the-spot data processing, while autonomous vehicles leverage edge computing for split-second decision-making. In healthcare, patient monitoring becomes seamless with local data processing, ensuring timely interventions. Additionally, sectors like agriculture, energy, and video surveillance capitalize on edge computing’s ability to enhance resource management and response times. This transformative technology is bridging the gap between data generation and analysis, developing unprecedented efficiency and innovation across the business landscape. MSPs like G7 CR – A Noventiq Company, ensure seamless deployment of services at distributed edge locations, alleviating operational burdens. G7 CR enables businesses to harness the potential of edge computing, enhancing real-time responsiveness, reducing latency, and effectively managing diverse edge infrastructure for improved performance and reliability.

Artificial Intelligence: 

Despite the inseparable nature of big data and AI, issues related to storage capacity prevail owing to the influx of voluminous data. This further entails the need for cloud services, therefore. Several enterprises are using the cloud for effective storage & and utilization of semi-structured or unstructured data of an organization. Also, a perfect blend of AI and cloud is touted to be revolutionary, wherein AI-as-a-service makes improvements in existing cloud solutions, carving newer paths toward development. According to Gartner, successful AI projects rely on robust AI engineering strategies, encompassing DataOps, ModelOps, and DevOps principles. This approach enhances AI model performance, scalability, interpretability, and reliability, thereby maximizing the value of AI solutions. G7 CR offers AI-driven insights and automation leveraging OpenAI which further helps in enhancing operational efficiency and unlocking new opportunities for innovation. G7 CR facilitates seamless integration and management of AI services within cloud infrastructure, ensuring scalability, performance, and security.

Sustainable Tech: 

Cloud plays a vital role in achieving sustainability goals across industries. With cloud modernization initiatives like the Azure Plus Program, Azure users can significantly reduce their environmental footprint by implementing sustainable cloud offerings. With Azure, G7 CR is prioritizing building a greener and more sustainable ecosystem by helping companies optimize workloads and resources better to further reduce carbon impacts and unlock the benefits of fully migrating to Azure. Also, the reporting, monitoring, and break-fix support services covered under the Azure Plus Program enable an organization to improve efficiency and reduce downtime significantly. By embracing cloud-native applications and solutions, G7 CR’s Azure Plus Program enables scalability, efficiency, and sustainability.


As businesses aim for higher ROI on technology upgrades, it is important to anticipate the forthcoming shifts and ensure there is the right alignment. Join the Azure Plus Program now to leverage most of the modernization benefits like a suite of managed services, support services, non-tech services, and a lot more. Apply now at no additional cost and avail bunch of tech services worth $50K with Azure Plus Program!

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