Sustainable Digital Innovation

G7 CR - A Noventiq Company, is prioritizing building greener and more
sustainable solutions with Cloud Hyperscalers.

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G7 CR Drives Sustainable Digital Innovation 

Partnering with G7 CR drives sustainable digital innovation by leveraging energy-efficient data centers, emission-impact dashboards, and smart factories. This enables businesses to reduce energy consumption, lower their carbon footprint, and achieve net zero goals, contributing to 2.5M carbon negative, 1.3M water positive, zero waste, and 24PB of environmental ecosystem availability with green data center transformation that delivers 165% improved performance and a 94% energy-efficient infrastructure. 

Critical Sustainability Challenges 

Overcoming sustainability challenges is crucial for businesses to effectively integrate sustainable practices into their operations and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Lack of Resources

Due to limited capital and competing priorities, businesses may struggle to allocate funds and expertise.

Finding the Right Business Advisors

Traditional advisors may lack sustainable expertise, restricting tailored guidance and innovation opportunities.

Increased Implementation Time

Sustainability initiatives require planning, prioritization, and agile methodologies, which take longer than conventional practices.

Internal Barriers

Internal barriers hinder an industry's adoption of sustainable practices, leading to higher carbon emissions and resource consumption.

G7 CR Initiatives for Sustainability 

Recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility, G7 CR extends valuable support to startups and enterprises by providing crucial assistance, essential resources, and specialized expertise for the development of eco-friendly technologies and solutions. 

Identify Technology Gaps

G7 CR, contributes to sustainability by actively identifying technology gaps and researching innovative solutions to address them, enabling the development of eco-friendly technologies.

Refresh Machines and Hardware

G7 CR offers a top-notch path to sustainability through the hardware buyback initiative, allowing organizations to exchange their equipment for up to 125% of its market value.

Sustainability Through Open AI

Leveraging OpenAI intelligent solutions to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, drive energy efficiency, G7 CR helps organizations cut computing power by 40%.


G7 CR is driving sustainability by optimizing resources, IT systems, and costs, helping startups and enterprises operate more efficiently and reduce their environmental footprint.

Prioritizing Subscription Based Solutions

G7 CR is making a significant contribution to sustainability by introducing ready-to-use SaaS-based apps that focus on sustainability-driven functionalities, such as energy efficiency and waste reduction.

G7 CR’s 3R Approach

Sustainability Assessment

G7 CR helps assess and define sustainable digital innovation goals that align with the organization's long-term sustainability strategy.

Build Modular Web Applications

G7 CR uses the latest technologies and techniques to create highly customizable and scalable solutions.

Build API Platform

G7 CR helps businesses build API platforms and manages to ensure seamless integration across various systems.

Leverage SaaS Products

Leverage subscription models and SaaS products to streamline workflows, reduce costs, & increase efficiency.

Build Applications on Low Code / No Code Platforms

G7 CR helps build low-code or no-code apps, allowing businesses to bring ideas to life with greater flexibility.

Build Scalable Products

G7 CR uses agile methodologies to create adaptable solutions for changing business needs and market trends.

G7 CR Contributions on Sustainability Scale

G7 CR is leading the way in sustainable digital innovation, transforming industries, and empowering a greener future.


Improved Performance


Improved Energy Efficiency


Reduced Carbon Impact


Optimized Cloud Workloads


Reduced Computing Power

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